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Terms of Service

Applications for memebership will be reviewed to determine access needs and professional credentials before access is granted.

Responsibility for ownership of media added to the LGMedia library is that of each 'contributor'.

All media must be associated with University faculty under departmental oversight.

Responsibility that media meet appropriate standards of validity and professional content rests with University Departments and Schools/Colleges from which they are submitted.

Non-faculty 'operators' must be authorized and sponsored by an authenticated faculty member.

Media have been classified and described by faculty of the indecated Universities, as specified in 'contact' information.

Media in the system are intended for general informational use only. No other use is recommended, and any such use will be in violation of LandGrantMEDIA Terms of Service.

Media are available for non-commercial use only, unless specific arrangements are made with the 'contact' person.

Questions about any media must be directed to the 'contact' person assosciated with the media.

Appropriate citation credit shall be associated with any media downloaded and used publicly.

Media are stored on computer servers with redundancies built into their data storage, with daily backups and Uninterruptible Power Supplies, but no guarantee is made that the data will be available absolutely without interruption 24/7.

The user interface and hierarchal categories will be modified and upgraded as needed.

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