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LandGrantMEDIA (LGMedia) was developed by the Internet Imaging System (IIS) group of The University of Georgia (UGA) College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES). It was created in response to an initial need for a site in which to archive certain images transmitted through the Distance Diagnostics Through Digital Imaging (DDDI) system, for instructive purposes. Later it became obvious that other digital media produced by Land Grant faculty and staff would benefit from an archive site also. LGMedia emerged as an application with the following features, to accomplish these various ends:
  • a unique, hierarchical database structure
  • the ability to handle multiple media types
  • the ability for images of various sizes/resolutions to be uploaded as desired by a contributor
  • the ability for faculty and staff to upload media directly from their desktops into the system
  • the ability to store and use a single high resolution image for renderng and delivering different image formats at multiple sizes/resolutions
  • the ability to upload media items in a batch process
  • the ability for faculty and staff to classify media which they contribute
  • the ability for a media item to be classified in multiple ways
  • the ability for users to request new classifying categories as needed
  • the ability for a contributor to designate media as being publicly available or only for their private use
  • the ability for a contributor to designate the maximum size for images to be downloaded
  • the ability for a contributor to produce public, private or password-protected collections of media elements
  • the ability for a group of people to contribute to a single collection
  • the ability for users to download media in a batch process
Much research and investigation took place to make LGMedia the system it is:
  • Many conferences and presentations were attended of which the following are notable:
    • An Educause 1999 (Educause)presentation by Howard Besser, School of Educational and Information Studies, UCLA and Robert C. Yamashita, California State University-San Marcos -University Digital Image Distribution: Results of a Study.
    • An Educause 2000 (Educause)presentation by Elizabeth J. Shaw, Department of Library and Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh -Digitizing Research Collections for Access.
    • An Educause 2001 (Educause)presentation by Thor Anderson, Mark J. Norton, IMS Global Learning Consortium and Geoff Collier, Eduworks; -IMS Specifications: Real-World Solutions to Real-World Problems.
    • An Educause 2001 (Educause)presentation by Sharon P.Pitt, Learning Technology Service, NC State University; Christina B. Updike, Visual Resources Center, James Madison University, -Integrating an Image Library into an Internet-Based Teaching Tool for Art, Architecture, and Beyond.
  • Discipline administrators for the DDDI system at UGA were first contacted, to consider benefits of and format for a digital library for DDDI images. Dr. Ed Brown and his Plant Pathology colleagues in particular were helpful in formulating initial design ideas. Other faculty in Aquaculture, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Crop and Soil Science. Entomology, Forestry and Horticulture were also canvassed for their ideas.
  • Discussions were conducted with other institutions collaborating in the DDDI project too. Administrators and researchers at DDDI institutional partners University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and Texas A&M University (TAMU), provided thoughts on benefits and features of an image library that would complement their DDDI programs. Those with whom beneficial discussions were held include Dr. Ken Spelke and Mr. Dennis Bowman and at TAMU Dr. Wayne Hamilton, Dr. Larry Lippke, and Dr. John Jackman.
  • DDDI personnel consulted regularly with Mr. Brian Watson, Program Coordinator-Web Development for the UGA CAES Office of Information Technology (OIT), to assure the LGMedia system would be compatible with CAES Web policies and OIT technologies.
  • For advice about image formats and uses, meetings were held with UGA CAES Education, Communication, and Technology (ECT) faculty and staff, including Dr. Barry Jones, Mr. Jay Bauer, Ms. Anisha Frizzell, Ms. Carol Williamson, Ms. Sandra Phillips.
  • Because of their interest in the development of a digital archive of forestry and entomology images, meetings were initiated with Dr. Keith Douce, Dr. David Moorhead and Mr. Charles Bargeron of the UGA Bugwood group CAES Entomology and Warnell School of Forest Resources ((WSFR) cooperating). Extensive collaborative discussions were helpful in generating independent strategies for the development of LGMedia and ForestryImages.

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